I am sooo excited to finally have a blog up and running! It took me long enough to create it.

So what is Coffee Stains about you might ask? Well…anything and everything that is inspiring and creative (or the things that are born from that coffee cup sitting in front of me that gets me thinking in a million different directions a minute).

The way I contain all of this craziness you ask?… scrapbooking, of course! That is my creative outlet for all of  the things that inspire me. So yes, there will be plenty of Scrap Fun but it won’t stop there.

I love love love photos and take too many to count. Even more than photos themselves, I love to edit them and do neat things with them (even the ones that look like you would probably throw them away).

I love music, food, Starbucks (or just caffeine in genereal), going on adventures, blasting music in the car, TV, cameras, home decor, pretty stuff and most of all my family, my puppy (and only child) Coca, and my fiancé, Anthony ❤ (who puts up with my crazy scrapbook antics).

In expressing the things I love I hope that you browse through here and get some inspiration. Maybe you’ll finally do something with that box of concert tickets and memento’s you hide for safe keeping and all those pictures on your laptop. Or maybe, its just seeing a quote or a picture that makes you wonder or laugh. Whatever you do with your time here, I hope you enjoy!

P.S. – Feel free to contact me or leave me a comment sharing some of your thoughts or inspiration.

~ ❤