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Its been a few days but I’m back to share some photo’s of my pup. Her name is Coca Marie and she joined our family on July 7, 2011. Just days after settling into our new home, my fiancé took me to our local shelter, City of San Jose Animal Care Center, to bring home the pup I’d been desperately wanting. After losing my childhood dog about a year and a half earlier, there was a hole in heart that only furry paws could fill.

We got there and she was actually one of the first pups I saw. I knew immediately she was the one but my fiancé encouraged me to take a look at all of the dogs. There were so many I wanted to give them all a loving home. Still, deep down I knew this was the one I wanted to take home. She was in a cage with another pup, her sister, the same age but mostly black with some spots of brown. There was another couple interested in the dogs so I was a little worried. The volunteer at the shelter took us into a room with both of the dogs so we could get a feel for which one’s personality was for us.

The funniest part was that my fiancé (who was sort of against the idea of getting a dog because of the responsibility of) wanted to take both of them home! We tried our hardest to get the shelter to let us, but they had some sort of policy that only allowed one dog from the same litter per household. After a hard decision we decided on the pup with the redish/blond fur. Unfortunately, the couple before us wanted her too and had put her “on hold”. The volunteer helping us explained that none of the animals could be put on hold and she was going to try and figure out a way for us to take home the dog that we were so ready for. After a lot of waiting for what seemed like forever and a very helpful staff, they told us the good news! We would be taking home our pup!

Here she is just 2 months old at the time and the cutest little ball of fur ever. She is a german sheperd/lab mix and personally, we think she has a little bit of pit in her. Either way we LOVE her, and that whole in my heart is filled! ❤

Feeling out the house, or just finding a place to sleep…

All of the pads of her paws are black except for 3 of the pads on her right from paw that are white, so cute!

Car ride with mom to go get some toys

Home again, this time with a brand new color and her favorite stuffed animal

Drying off after her first bath…

Waiting for the vet to tell us she’s all healthy!

“Mom, enough with the pictures, seriously”