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I’ve been away for almost a week. I hadn’t even realized it had been that long, man how time flies. I’ve been submitting and creating for Design Teams all week long. I REALLY want the opportunity to be on one. I think it will really enhance my skills and push me.

I’ve been browsing over all of the new product that is making its way to CHA now. I like browsing to see what’s new but also to get some inspiration. There’s so many companies, collections and lines debuting that its hard to keep track. Here’s a link I found that shows most of the big ones in one place along with links to the websites for more detail.  http://enewsletter.scrapbook.com/public/?q=preview_message&fn=Link&id=iz47l5m9vfeet5ey3vrxtn4j16qm8&ssid=11401&t=3 . My top 3 favs are the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Party, Queen and Company Trendy Tape and the Canvas Corp Coffee Paper Line (as soon as I find out who has these in stock first, I’m all over it). Enjoy!

Onto my other projects that I’ve been working on for the week. My craft room looks sort of like a craft-hoarding space (I’ve been cleaning and sorting all week to get it more organized-its an ongoing effort). I love buying anything and everything catches my eye but I also have stuff from years ago that I’ve been hanging onto for the perfect layout. Well, recently, I’ve been pulling that stuff out to work with it. It may not be new but that doesn’t mean it can’t inspire. I know everyone has something that gets buried in the very back and the few times we actually see it, we think “I’ll put that back and save it for just the perfect thing” or maybe you just forgot it was back there. Dig it up and use it. You might find yourself thinking, “I can’t believe I didn’t use that sooner. Where did I get it again? I might need some more of it!”

Here’s just a couple of the things I submitted this week. I know its the middle of winter and here I am posting a beach layout but the light and breezy colors are my comfort zone (or maybe I’m just missing the warm summer sun and sounds of the waves). I’ve already set up some layouts to put together over the weekend that are more winter-y. I’ll post them throughout the weekend.

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