time: 3:50pm
location: work
weather: the sun is out but its still a little chilly it looks like
eating: nothing
drinking: water
loving: that its Friday
wondering: if I can skip out of this place early
enjoying: thoughts of the weekend
accomplishing: a lot despite my lack of motivation to do 9-5 work
thinking: doesn’t anyone leave early on Fridays anymore?

I’m going through the usual monotony of what I call my “boring” life which is my 9-5 life at work. It’s been a semi-busy week and I’m tired now that its Friday. I just can’t wait to get out of here, wish I could skip traffic and just be home.

However, I found something that inspired me to blog and that’s the currents that you read up there ↑. I have a favorites folder of blogs that I’ve come across over time and that I like to read when things slow down here at work. Sometimes (in cases like today) the blog network leads me to some new inspiration and I find another little treasure to add to that folder of inspiration. Such was the case with Tina Aszmus’s blog. She’s got a great thing going that she calls currents and that’s how she starts off some of her blogs. One of her blog posts asks her readers to do the same and link up the blog to her website so she should receive the credits for that lovely little intro.

I thought that was a interesting little twist to the traditional. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend everyone!

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