Ok ok….I know. I’m horrible. I’ve been away for so long, I can hardly believe it myself. But…now I’m back and looking forward to the weekend so I can find a bunch of awesome things to blog about.

I must say the wordpress mobile app is a wonderful thing. Like anything else, could use a few tweaks but it works great for uploading a couple pictures and blogging on the go. The time is now 10 minutes to 5pm and I am so ready to break free from this place. Ready to go and tackle the weekend. I know its going to be great.

I did want to leave a little something on here though. I’m sure most everyone is already familiar (or has at least heard of) Pinterest. For those of you that are not, oh man are you missing out. It’s an online world of photo fun exactly like a bulletin board or notification board except each photo is a link to a webpage where the photo came from. For example, if you see a yummy recipe for some delightful little snack, you click on the photo and it takes you to the url where that recipe can be found! You might have gone and then realized you have to submit your email address only to be added to a “waiting list” and then figured it wasn’t worth it. Well…it so is! I jumped on the boat earlier but if you know someone on Pinterest then they can invite you. Since it’s such a wonderful thing, I will go ahead and invite you if you leave your email in a comment.

If you already are on pinterest, feel free to follow me at http://pinterest.com/erikabardo/. I’m particular excited about the Scrapbook.com “Pin It to Win It” Challenge. You can go on their website and find more info but you create a pinboard titled Scrapbook.com “Pin It to Win It” Challenge and then go on their site and pin your favorite products (at least $100 dollars worth). Then submit your pinboard url on their form and you’re entered. Great chance to win free stuff!

Try it out. Its pretty awesome no matter what your interests are. Happy March and Happy Friday!