Oh Pinterest!

Ok ok….I know. I’m horrible. I’ve been away for so long, I can hardly believe it myself. But…now I’m back and looking forward to the weekend so I can find a bunch of awesome things to blog about.

I must say the wordpress mobile app is a wonderful thing. Like anything else, could use a few tweaks but it works great for uploading a couple pictures and blogging on the go. The time is now 10 minutes to 5pm and I am so ready to break free from this place. Ready to go and tackle the weekend. I know its going to be great.

I did want to leave a little something on here though. I’m sure most everyone is already familiar (or has at least heard of) Pinterest. For those of you that are not, oh man are you missing out. It’s an online world of photo fun exactly like a bulletin board or notification board except each photo is a link to a webpage where the photo came from. For example, if you see a yummy recipe for some delightful little snack, you click on the photo and it takes you to the url where that recipe can be found! You might have gone and then realized you have to submit your email address only to be added to a “waiting list” and then figured it wasn’t worth it. Well…it so is! I jumped on the boat earlier but if you know someone on Pinterest then they can invite you. Since it’s such a wonderful thing, I will go ahead and invite you if you leave your email in a comment.

If you already are on pinterest, feel free to follow me at http://pinterest.com/erikabardo/. I’m particular excited about the Scrapbook.com “Pin It to Win It” Challenge. You can go on their website and find more info but you create a pinboard titled Scrapbook.com “Pin It to Win It” Challenge and then go on their site and pin your favorite products (at least $100 dollars worth). Then submit your pinboard url on their form and you’re entered. Great chance to win free stuff!

Try it out. Its pretty awesome no matter what your interests are. Happy March and Happy Friday!


Happy Monday!



Happy Monday everyone! I actually wrote this blog post earlier but for some reason it never posted. Oh boy, Mondays…wish the week would just start on Tuesday’s so all the sluggish-ness would be gone. Anyways, stopped for Starbucks this morning and saw the new cups…love them! Thought I’d share, since this made me happy this morning. Happy Monday! Have a good week!

More scrapping fun…


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Just wanted to showcase some of the layouts I’ve finished up recently. I’ve been using some of the older stuff in my collection along with some of the newer stuff and I’m just really excited to see a lot of stuff getting used up. (That means I get to buy more stuff to restock my craft room). Hope you enjoy…and as always, feel free to follow my blog. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Here's a layout from Universal Studios. Its a pretty simple layout with a collage of 3 photos in the middle and some smaller pictures cut into stars. Love the title!

Same thing on this page but added my own little caption and loving the film strip. Its a little treasure I've been hanging on to for quite a while and thought this was fitting.

Here they are side by side...I obviously like double page layouts.

This double layout is from Santa Monica Pier and I used the SEI "A Fair Day" collection...love it! So many fun things!



time: 3:50pm
location: work
weather: the sun is out but its still a little chilly it looks like
eating: nothing
drinking: water
loving: that its Friday
wondering: if I can skip out of this place early
enjoying: thoughts of the weekend
accomplishing: a lot despite my lack of motivation to do 9-5 work
thinking: doesn’t anyone leave early on Fridays anymore?

I’m going through the usual monotony of what I call my “boring” life which is my 9-5 life at work. It’s been a semi-busy week and I’m tired now that its Friday. I just can’t wait to get out of here, wish I could skip traffic and just be home.

However, I found something that inspired me to blog and that’s the currents that you read up there ↑. I have a favorites folder of blogs that I’ve come across over time and that I like to read when things slow down here at work. Sometimes (in cases like today) the blog network leads me to some new inspiration and I find another little treasure to add to that folder of inspiration. Such was the case with Tina Aszmus’s blog. She’s got a great thing going that she calls currents and that’s how she starts off some of her blogs. One of her blog posts asks her readers to do the same and link up the blog to her website so she should receive the credits for that lovely little intro.

I thought that was a interesting little twist to the traditional. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend everyone!

And don’t forget to follow this blog or leave a comment…

Weird pup things…


So lately I’ve noticed my pup Coca doing something new. A lot of times when she’s laying down relaxing (usually in the office while Im scrapping), I notice her laying in sort of an S shape. Not sure if she’s comfortable sleeping like that or if she’s trying to blend in with the carpet. You be the judge…


I love you…


This last week, BasicGrey (one of my favorite lines of scrapbook products) had a scrapbook challenge. The challenge was to create a layout finishing the phrase “I love you…” I caught it last minute and threw together a layout which (to my surprise) came out better than I anticipated. With help from my fiancé, this is what we came up with. Woohoo!


A couple more layouts…


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I’ve been away for almost a week. I hadn’t even realized it had been that long, man how time flies. I’ve been submitting and creating for Design Teams all week long. I REALLY want the opportunity to be on one. I think it will really enhance my skills and push me.

I’ve been browsing over all of the new product that is making its way to CHA now. I like browsing to see what’s new but also to get some inspiration. There’s so many companies, collections and lines debuting that its hard to keep track. Here’s a link I found that shows most of the big ones in one place along with links to the websites for more detail.  http://enewsletter.scrapbook.com/public/?q=preview_message&fn=Link&id=iz47l5m9vfeet5ey3vrxtn4j16qm8&ssid=11401&t=3 . My top 3 favs are the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Party, Queen and Company Trendy Tape and the Canvas Corp Coffee Paper Line (as soon as I find out who has these in stock first, I’m all over it). Enjoy!

Onto my other projects that I’ve been working on for the week. My craft room looks sort of like a craft-hoarding space (I’ve been cleaning and sorting all week to get it more organized-its an ongoing effort). I love buying anything and everything catches my eye but I also have stuff from years ago that I’ve been hanging onto for the perfect layout. Well, recently, I’ve been pulling that stuff out to work with it. It may not be new but that doesn’t mean it can’t inspire. I know everyone has something that gets buried in the very back and the few times we actually see it, we think “I’ll put that back and save it for just the perfect thing” or maybe you just forgot it was back there. Dig it up and use it. You might find yourself thinking, “I can’t believe I didn’t use that sooner. Where did I get it again? I might need some more of it!”

Here’s just a couple of the things I submitted this week. I know its the middle of winter and here I am posting a beach layout but the light and breezy colors are my comfort zone (or maybe I’m just missing the warm summer sun and sounds of the waves). I’ve already set up some layouts to put together over the weekend that are more winter-y. I’ll post them throughout the weekend.

If you’re browsing through here for the first time, please follow my blog from the button on the right and share with anyone you think might enjoy a little inspiration! Thanks in advance!

Some of the old…


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I wanted to share some of the scrapbook pages that I made a few months ago. I really like these two because they have a lot of photos and they show a trip to San Diego that we took. The photo’s on the next 2 pages are from a safari that we got to go on at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was a blast. We were able to feed the giraffe’s and get up close and personal with them. The photos show what a great time we had.

San Diego Wild Animal Park pg1


San Diego Wild Animal Park pg2


The next 2 pages are another layout from the same trip but here we were on our way home and stopped off at a random beach along the drive to watch the sunset. Traffic was horrible so we pulled off, grabbed a blanket and parked and took some pictures. The perfect ending to our trip.

Beach Bliss pg1

Beach Bliss pg2


Aaah the memories of summer…

Well, its really starting to pour as I sit here blogging and I can hear the rain and wind stirring up all sorts of noises. It’s definitely one of those stay in watch a movie and sip on some hot chocolate sort of nights. Before I do that though, I ‘m in the mood to put together a quick layout or two. I have some pictures and papers I laid out last night so I think I’ll get to work on those,  then snuggle under a blanket.

Enjoy the weekend!

Birthday Fun


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Yesterday was my birthday…and I’ve been dying to share my birthday gifts with everyone. Of course, my fiancé thinks of everything. I had been wanting a Fujifilm Instax camera which looks cool if you look it up. It’s basically a modern day polaroid. The only downside is the price of the film which is about a dollar per exposure. As much as I take pictures, that would get pretty costly. SO….instead he got me a Polaroid Pogo. It has built-in wireless so you can use your cell to edit pictures on the go and then send them wirelessly to the printer. How cool! Also, you can connect it to your camera and print effortlessly. The prints are 2×3 and perfect for using them in my SMASH book. I love it! I’ve already SMASHED my birthday weekend.

Love this little thing!

BTW- you can get 50 prints for $8! Love it!

Oh and I also got a espressomaker which was more for the both of us but I love it too and I’m becoming a professional barista with every passing day. I’ll post some pictures of the SMASH book soon!

Coca Marie


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Its been a few days but I’m back to share some photo’s of my pup. Her name is Coca Marie and she joined our family on July 7, 2011. Just days after settling into our new home, my fiancé took me to our local shelter, City of San Jose Animal Care Center, to bring home the pup I’d been desperately wanting. After losing my childhood dog about a year and a half earlier, there was a hole in heart that only furry paws could fill.

We got there and she was actually one of the first pups I saw. I knew immediately she was the one but my fiancé encouraged me to take a look at all of the dogs. There were so many I wanted to give them all a loving home. Still, deep down I knew this was the one I wanted to take home. She was in a cage with another pup, her sister, the same age but mostly black with some spots of brown. There was another couple interested in the dogs so I was a little worried. The volunteer at the shelter took us into a room with both of the dogs so we could get a feel for which one’s personality was for us.

The funniest part was that my fiancé (who was sort of against the idea of getting a dog because of the responsibility of) wanted to take both of them home! We tried our hardest to get the shelter to let us, but they had some sort of policy that only allowed one dog from the same litter per household. After a hard decision we decided on the pup with the redish/blond fur. Unfortunately, the couple before us wanted her too and had put her “on hold”. The volunteer helping us explained that none of the animals could be put on hold and she was going to try and figure out a way for us to take home the dog that we were so ready for. After a lot of waiting for what seemed like forever and a very helpful staff, they told us the good news! We would be taking home our pup!

Here she is just 2 months old at the time and the cutest little ball of fur ever. She is a german sheperd/lab mix and personally, we think she has a little bit of pit in her. Either way we LOVE her, and that whole in my heart is filled! ❤

Feeling out the house, or just finding a place to sleep…

All of the pads of her paws are black except for 3 of the pads on her right from paw that are white, so cute!

Car ride with mom to go get some toys

Home again, this time with a brand new color and her favorite stuffed animal

Drying off after her first bath…

Waiting for the vet to tell us she’s all healthy!

“Mom, enough with the pictures, seriously”